Sunroom / Solarium

That new solarium is a glorious addition to your home. The advertisement said “Investing in a sunroom adds value to your property and years of carefree enjoyment”. Perhaps; but did anyone explain how unbearable the heat gets on those dog day afternoons in the middle of summer?

Many sunroom/solarium/hot tub enclosures are installed without adequate ventilation. The operational windows don’t do much good when there’s no breeze, and it’s unsafe to leave them unlocked or open at night. You suffered valiantly for a couple of years, and then someone had the great idea of adding a hot tub. Now you’ve not only got heat problems, but you’re spending every Saturday scrubbing unhealthy mould and unsightly mildew off the ceiling and out of the comers where it builds up from excess humidity.

There is a solution. It’s simple and relatively inexpensive.

Vent-Axia produces high quality ventilation units in four convenient sizes that can be mounted directly into the panels at either end of your enclosure. With a three speed, reversible, automatic controller, you can have almost infinite control of the temperature and humidity in your sunroom.

Check the products shown here, or call for a recommendation of the best configuration and product placement to effectively ventilate your solarium or hot tub enclosure. Take back those “years of carefree enjoyment” you were promised when you added the room.

For tips on sizing and installing your sunroom / solarium fan click here.