Some Considerations   Answers
How large is the solarium and how many air changes are needed? As a rule of thumb, 30 air changes-per hour are needed.
Is there natural shading?
Adjust air change requirements.
Is there tinted glass or blinds? Adjust air change requirements.
Is there a southern or northern
Adjust air change requirements.
Is the solarium open to the rest of the
Consider the air change requirements based on the larger area.

Fan size calculation:
Width x Length x Height x Air change requirements / 60 (minutes) = cubic feet per minute (CFM)

Solarium size: 8x14x8 = 896 Cubic feet x 30 (airchanges) = 26,880 (Airchange
requirements per hour) / 60 (minutes) = 448 CFM

A 9" Vent-Axia fan would handle it (467 CFM capacity). But a 12" fan would be more appropriate as it can move 647 CFM on low speed and is quieter.

Location of fan:

Make sure you provide an air intake and that maximum cross ventilation exists.

Two Fan Applications

Can the heat build up be utilized in between seasons (Fall & Spring ) ? YES

1) Close all windows
2) Open door to house
3) Bring fresh air in on low speed
The fan will create a positive pressure forcing the air into the house.

Each fan should be accompanied by a 3-speed reversible switch (controller) and a line voltage,
reverse acting thermostat (automatic operation).

The fan is excellent for Hot-tub areas or indoor swimming pools (use a dehumidistat). Always advise how many meters of 5-connector cable are required (needed between controller and fan).

For more information on the VentAxia T-Series Fan see the product page.